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Children’s Book Author Marv Klassen-Landis visits with preschoolers in Walpole, NH

January 6, 2012

Children’s book author and CLiF presenter Marv Klassen-Landis recently engaged the children at the Village Preschool in Walpole, New Hampshire in a storytelling presentation – and brought a slew of brand-new books for the kids. Each child in attendance chose two brand-new books to take home!

As with all of CLiF’s Rural Public Library programs, the Walpole Town Library, which applied for a CLiF grant, received $2,000 in brand-new children’s books. Marv also presented to children at the North Walpole School and the Walpole Primary School. Each event included Marv’s animated style of storytelling, lots of questions from the kids in attendance, and some good laughs.

Here’s what Marv had to say about the day’s events:

The North Walpole School and Walpole Primary School students enthusiastically joined in with my telling of the Lazy Jack story and did an amazing job of predicting the goofy results of Jack’s applying his mother’s advice for solving a previous problem to his current predicaments.

I loved the setting of the Village Preschool, an ingenious transformation of a greenhouse. I read some poems to the children from my book, Jump, Children, Jump! A teacher told me they had a copy of the book in their collection. It had been donated by a retired teacher and was inscribed by me years ago. So I got to inscribe it again to the Village Preschool; that was a first. Students were all great audience members and adults welcoming and appreciative of CLiF’s work.

Check out some more photos on CLiF’s Facebook page!

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