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Children’s book author Erin Moulton visits her alma mater to lead writing workshop for kids

February 15, 2012
Children's book author Erin Moulton with a student in Moretown, Vermont

Erin Moulton works with a student at the Moretown School

Recently, children’s book author and CLiF presenter Erin Moulton visited the Moretown School in Moretown, Vermont, as a CLiF Writer-in-Residence. During the course of a very full day, Erin practiced writing and telling stories with groups students from first to fourth grade.

“I talked with the kids about writing and reading as a child,” Erin says. “And then we went on to discuss my inspiration and schooling at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier and on into publication and beyond!”

Many of them had read her book, Flutter, and were excited to point out the similarities between Mooreland, the fictional town where Flutter takes place, and Moretown. Erin explained to them the idea of “write what you know,” and how her sisters were similar to characters in the book.

Erin also discussed history with her first and second grade students. Then they made journals so their stories could become a part Moretown’s history! Then she worked on creating book ideas with her third and fourth grade students and made thinking caps with a group of kindergarteners.

“On top of meeting a bunch of great kids, I had a chance to see many of my teachers that I had as a child growing up in Moretown, which was the icing on the cake!” Erin says. “It was a great day!”

CLiF also donated brand-new books for children and families affected by Tropical Storm Irene.

Meg Allison, a teacher librarian at Moretown School, helped the children choose their books.

“Their eyes simply light up,” says Meg. “One of our students, a girl in the 5th grade, lost everything when her home was flooded.  With only moments to chose from her belongings to put in a backpack, she grabbed her library book. When she returned it to me at the beginning of the school year, she did so with such pride and a sense of responsibility.”

“I was truly amazed that out of all the things in her bedroom to save, she made room for a library book. Having the chance to offer her some brand new books makes my day.”

CLiF is thrilled that Erin’s writing workshop and the new books were able to make such a difference in Moretown. We couldn’t have done this great work without the support of the Vermont Community Foundation.

To learn more about CLiF’s writing workshops, you can visit us at

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