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Vermont educators dye hair pink to reward young readers

February 24, 2012

Charlotte Central School librarian Heidi Huestis and para-educator Alexis Krech.

Librarians take note: If you really want to motivate kids to read, you may need to have a little skin – or hair – in the game. As the Burlington Free Press reported this week, librarian Heidi Huestis of the Charlotte Central School in Charlotte, Vermont, dyed her hair pink to reward the nearly 250 students at her school for reading a total of 1200 Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award-winning titles over the past year.

This isn’t the first time Huestis has taken a colorful turn to motivate her students.

Last year, she dyed her hair blue, the official Dorothy Canfield Fisher color, Huestis said. “I told them I would do it if they read 1,000 DCF books and the kids ran with it,” she said.

She put out the idea of another challenge this school year on her blog, and the students were quick to suggest that she up the ante to 1,200 books. They also said she should dye her hair pink if they succeeded.

Read more at the Burlington Free Press.

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