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Kids helping kids

May 9, 2012


By Julia Rogers

Harry Hopper was only eight years old when he began supporting CLiF. At his eighth birthday party, Harry collected donations from attendees and sent CLiF a check for $200. “My mom works with children and shared with me that some of her students do not own any books of their own,” Harry explained. “I couldn’t believe it! I think that all children should have the opportunity to have books.”

Harry’s mom, Heidi, added, “Our family has a deep-rooted love of books. We believe in CLiF’s mission to serve the children and families of Vermont and New Hampshire. We love supporting CLiF!”

Harry, now 13, still holds a birthday party fundraiser for CLiF every year. This past year, he raised over $350, which went towards our literacy programming in Vermont and New Hampshire. “I had over 20 friends who came and donated to CLiF this year,” Harry stated proudly. “The parents love it – it supports a good organization and it saves the planet from more ‘stuff’!”

CLiF also receives new books as in-kind donations from children’s birthday parties and other events. It’s always a thrill to see kids taking the initiative to help other kids.

A huge thanks to Harry and all of our young supporters! We are truly inspired by your efforts to make a difference in the lives of other children. If you are the parents of a child who would like to raise money or books for CLiF for his or her birthday, bar or bat mitzvah, graduation, or other holiday, contact Julia Rogers at  As Harry so nicely put it, “It’s true, the old saying: It is better to give than receive.”


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