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CLiF’s newest volunteer discovers a great book on bullying

May 10, 2012

We love children’s books here at CLiF, and when we come across a really good one we love to share it with everyone. One by Kathryn Otoski was published in 2008 and has won a few awards, so many of you may have seen or heard of it. If you haven’t, Otoski uses colors and numbers as characters to calmly and compassionately describe the circumstances around bullying and to demonstrate how each of us can have an impact

In One, the color blue is bullied by the color red. who is “kind of a hot head.” When no one stands up to Red he becomes stronger and stronger. Eventually, the number One bravely defies Red and when all of the colors join in and stand up to be counted, becoming numbers themselves, the bully loses power and becomes one of the group.

CLiF’s newest volunteer, Karen Ruben, recommended this book to us. Here’s what she had to say:

I volunteer with CLiF because I am, 1) a former teacher who knows first hand the need to spread the benefits of literacy, 2) a mother of three trying to raise brilliant, compassionate children, and 3) a book junkie with a passion for children’s books. It is from this perspective that I recommend Otashi’s beautiful and award winning book to you.

For all of you who want to learn more about One, you can visit KO Kids Books.

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