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81% of readers say print books are better than e-books for reading with kids

May 11, 2012

Check out this chart from the Pew Research Center‘s recently published study “The rise of e-reading.” It’s a great snapshot of how people use e-books and print books: e-books take the cake when it comes to convenience, but print books still trump when people want to share the reading experience with friends and children.

The statistic we mentioned in the headline of this post may not come as a surprise, but when we saw it highlighted on The Digital Shift, a website on libraries and new media from Library Journal and School Library Journal,we wanted to share it with you. The fact that 81% of readers prefer to read print books to children suggests that the experience of swiping fingers on an e-reader or tablet still hasn’t replaced turning pages, feeling paper, and otherwise sharing a colorful, beautifully designed book.

As e-books continue to grow in popularity – 21% of Americans have read one – it will be fascinating to watch and see if e-books become a bigger part of the personal side of reading.

There’s a huge amount of interesting info in the study. If you’re a constant reader or work in libraries or literacy, it’s worth reading to learn how the act of reading is changing in the U.S.

Learn more at the Pew Research Center’s website.

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