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CLiF library programs benefit local daycare

May 16, 2012

By Gretchen Stern

Did you know that each time CLiF sponsors a rural public library, we also visit a local daycare center? When a librarian receives a CLiF grant, he or she nominates one local daycare or childcare center to receive a captivating storytelling presentation from Duncan or another CLiF presenter. CLiF also provides free, brand-new books for an on-site library and for each child to take home and keep. Through this process, CLiF is able to reach even more children and help forge a connection and ongoing relationship between the center and the local library.

This week at CLiF, Duncan is visiting two rural public libraries: one in Franklin, Vermont and another in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. While he’s in town, Duncan will give books and a storytelling presentation to one daycare center near each of those libraries.

The opportunity to brighten the day for so many children is priceless. Not only do their faces light up when hearing stories that tickle their imagination, but also when they learn that the beautiful books laid out on the table are available for them to take home. They excitedly pick from dozens of crisp, colorful stories and proudly bring their new books home to show their families.

And if you have any doubt as to whether books are important to children who are not yet able to read, just ask our newest CLiF reader, my 16-month-old son, Emmett. He loves his books so much, he snuggles up to them at bedtime! We hope our daycare children do the same with their new books!

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