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Book recommendations from Kids Day in Burlington, VT

May 18, 2012


By Karen Ruben

Last Saturday I set out to enjoy Kids Day on the Burlington waterfront to talk to some kids and find out what interests them and what they love. For anyone not yet familiar with Kids Day in Burlington, it is an event designed to entertain kids but also to give many of them venue to demonstrate their talents. Mixed in with carnival-style amusements are multiple stages that offer music, dance, and athletic demonstrations from area groups and schools.

All day, I found kids who dance, sing, and fish competitively (state champs, actually!). There were gymnasts, musicians, martial artists and many more. What an excellent place to touch base with kids AND to find out what they like to read.

Here are some of the kids I met…

Name: Kate
Age: 8 and a half
Purpose at Kids Day: Kate helps her mom to generate awareness and support for the Green Mountain Autism Foundation. Kate’s booth offered a free craft project and Kate helped younger kids assemble bookmarks.
How she got involved: Both Kate and her brother are children with autism.
Favorite thing to do: Play with friends, jump on the trampoline, and play Xbox games.
Least favorite thing: Being left out.
Favorite subject in school: Recess!
Favorite Book: The Pet Keeper Fairy series of books by Rainbow Magic, specifically Lauren and the Puppy Fairy

Name: Maud
Age: 11
Purpose at Kids Day: Maud dances as the youngest member of the Karen Amirault Dance Company.
How she got involved: Maud dances both tap and jazz with another company and was asked to join Karen Amirault after taking part in Karen’s summer program.
Favorite things to do: Read, dance, hang out with friends and babysit
Least favorite thing: Writing because it doesn’t come easily
Favorite subject in school: Math
Favorite book: Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper, about a girl with cerebral palsy.

Name: Adam
Age: 11
Purpose at Kids Day: Adam is a member of the Chittenden County Junior Bassmasters, who help teach kids the fishing techniques of pitching, flicking, and casting,
How he got involved: Adam’s big brother got him interested in fishing.
Favorite things to do: Fish and ride his bike.
Favorite subject in school: Reading
Favorite book: Inkspell by Cornelia Funke

We also received reading recommendations from Will (age 10) and Sierra (age 11), both demonstrating karate at Kids Day. They like the Lego Star Wars comic books and the Twilight series respectively. Meg (age 5), an attendee at Kids Day, wholeheartedly recommended Benny and Penny and the Big No-No by Geoffry Hayes and The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman.

Along with the excellent book recommendations from area kids, I was reminded once again of the amazing talent, potential, and energy of children. That’s one of the reasons CLiF works with children from birth to age 12: in those incredible years of energy and inspiration, every child deserves to have books at home and the opportunity to get excited about reading and writing.

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