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Rivetingly enrapturing reading distracts from dirty dishes & tedious to-dos

May 24, 2012


By Gretchen Stern

Some books engross you from the moment you crack the cover. Before you even reach the first period, your heartbeat quickens, your body leans in attentively, and your breath refuses to escape until you’ve arrived at the sentence’s conclusion.  With that one subject/verb agreement, you are hooked, and you literally have to fight your hands to put down the book when it’s time to stop reading.

May is Get Caught Reading Month, a nationwide campaign to remind people of all ages how much fun it is to read. To us, the meaning of “Get Caught Reading” is twofold: Sometimes the book “catches” us, as its enticing storyline keeps us tirelessly chasing the conclusion like a mouse in a wheel. Other times we are “caught” by our families, our friends, or even our coworkers as we sneak in just a few more sentences before we go back to the grind of the day. Ever say to yourself, “Just one more chapter, and then I’ll wash the dishes”?

Well, the dirty dishes can wait, right? We say, “yes”! Get Caught Reading this month! Let yourself get whisked away by words and prose. Tuck away that to-do list for another day, find a book whose magnetic pull cannot be escaped, and kick back as you enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of a great story. And help the children in your life do the same. Show kids that consuming a great story is satiating for all ages!

In honor of Get Caught Reading Month, we are looking for your involvement in a few ways.  First, we want to know what books have “caught” you. Tell us the title of a book whose very first paragraph snagged you and whose story kept you fixated until the final word. We look forward to hearing what has captivated you and refused to release you from its spellbinding clutches!

Stay tuned later this week for more on Get Caught Reading, including an activity that will require some creativity and a good sense of humor!

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