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Royal reads for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!

June 7, 2012

By Julia Rogers

As an appreciator of funny hats and afternoon tea breaks, current British monarch Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee is a good excuse for a celebration in my house. You too may find the Jubilee an opportunity to settle down with your loved ones and enjoy a story about medieval castles, kings and queens or the British Isles. Take a virtual trip across the pond with any of these royally-themed titles – Earl Grey and scones are optional!

1.  Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Revisit the Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts, and Mad Hatter in this beautifully illustrated version of the classic tale. Allow your imagination to recreate the images through Alison Jay’s unique visual style.


2.  Magic Tree House’s Stage Fright on a Summer Night by Mary Pope Osborne

The Magic Tree House gang visits Elizabethan England and are lucky enough to come across Shakespeare. When the actors in Shakespeare’s play cause problems, it’s up to Jack and Annie to save the show at the Globe Theater!


3.  The Prince Won’t Go to Bed! by Dayle Ann Dodds

Help your little prince to bed with this tale of a royal youngster who refuses to settle down and causes quite the stir around the castle!


4.  B Is for Big Ben: An England Alphabet by Pamela Duncan Edwards

Winding from A-Z, this book from the popular series teaches facts about the sights, people, and history of England. Can you guess what the Earl of Sandwich contributed to modern life?


5.  Robin Hood Illustrated by Alan Marks

Every page is illustrated in this colorful 60-page retelling of another classic English tale. For some, it may be odd to see Robin Hood back in human form, instead of the fox in the Disney movie!


6.  Through Time: London by Richard Platt

This non-fiction picture book describes the fascinating history of London from Neolithic humans to Vikings all the way up to present day. A great read if you’d like to read up on London before this summer’s Olympic Games.


7. Queen Elizabeth II by Ladybird Press

For those of you who actually would like to learn a bit about the Queen herself, this easy reader goes through the life and times of the Queen Mother. Many think of Queen Elizabeth as a grandmother, but she took the throne at just 27 years old and has led quite the royal life!

What royal books did we miss? What are your favorite books about Kings and Queens?  Share them here or on Facebook!

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