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Roll Call: What’s Happening at CLiF This Week

June 19, 2012


By Gretchen Stern

CLiF’s Year of the Book

Duncan and Suzanne just arrived back at the office after a trip to Johnson Elementary School (JES) in Johnson, Vt. JES was chosen to be one of six elementary schools to take part in CLiF’s newest program: Year of the Book. During the 2012-2013 school year, CLiF will provide JES and five other schools with $20,000 each in literacy programs, support, and free books. In fact, each student will be able to choose 10 brand-new books to take home and keep.

Reeling with excitement, Duncan and Suzanne shared with the rest of the CLiF staff some of what they discussed at their meeting. Recently, a teacher in Johnson expressed concern over the students’ struggles with the science NECAP tests. The problem wasn’t the science: the students had trouble reading the questions.

Unfortunately, low literacy does not just affect reading. It trickles into all subjects in school. With CLiF’s assistance, the school really hopes to help their students kids embrace reading and writing and even raise those test scores.

David Manning, principal of JES, shared with Duncan and Suzanne that he wants to increase parental involvement in student reading and writing, as well as participation in literacy activities hosted by the school. Manning wants to offer exciting events for families and engage teachers and students in the invitation process. He also wants to offer transportation for parents and food to make the events as accessible as possible for families.

Manning knows that the way to make CLiF’s Year of the Book successful is to draw interest and participation from parents, teachers, and students. All three populations have to be involved to increase every student’s interest in reading and writing.

On Thursday, Duncan and Suzanne will continue their visits to CLiF’s Year of the Book schools. Next up is Brownington, Vt.


Jim, our dedicated Tuesday volunteer, has been hard at work “stickering “our new books.  When CLiF hosts an event during which children choose books to take home, each book laid on the table has a sticker on the inside cover inviting the child to personalize his/her new treasured belonging.  Jim and our other volunteers are a huge help in placing these stickers on each book we receive, so that the child who chooses that book can truly call it his or her own.

Around the Office

The rest of us are busy bees in the office, finalizing copy for our new website, inputting the generous donations we’ve received this week, and planning Summer Reader events, which will take place at camps and recreation programs across Vermont and New Hampshire.

And now, back to work…

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