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“Thank You!” “No, Thank YOU!”

June 26, 2012

By Gretchen Stern

“After the preschool presentation, the children were read the books they had selected to keep. Every adult in the room except for the photographer was reading to a group of children. It was marvelous.”   – Kathleen Engstrom, library director at Haston Library in Franklin, VT

Have you ever received a thank you note so thoughtful that you wanted to send a thank you in return? Well, here at CLiF that happens quite often! Nothing makes us smile more than seeing the positive impact of our programs, and when a large envelope arrives in our mailbox, stuffed to the brim with handmade cards and carefully written letters of thanks, we can’t help but beam with joy.

Recently, one such package arrived from Haston Library, in Franklin, Vermont. Thanks to a generous donation from Tom and Janet Leopold, Duncan, our executive director and resident storyteller, was able to visit Haston Library in May, where he gave a spirited storytelling presentation to over 150 pre-K to sixth-grade students. Much to our satisfaction, Duncan’s presentation not only delighted the imaginations of the children in the audience but also helped to spark their excitement to continue reading even after he departed.

According to Kathleen Engstrom, Haston’s library director, about 25 new library cards were issued as a result of Duncan’s presentation. Since then, children have visited the library with their parents and grandparents to check out books with their newly acquired cards. Additionally, the presentation offered a great opportunity for the school and library to partner and to continue working together to improve children’s literacy!

Scroll down to see some of the fantastically creative and heartfelt thank you cards we received from the children in Franklin, Vermont.

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