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Green Mountain Coffee Employees Lend a Hand at CLiF

June 27, 2012

Busy times in the CLiF library! Volunteers prepare books for our Summer Readers program.

By Julia Rogers

Despite the gloomy weather this week, it’s definitely summer. This means our busiest program season – Summer Readers – is on the horizon. Like every organization, there are troughs and peaks in activity here at CLiF. The lull between our spring and summer programming offers us a catch our breath as we gear up for the next round of events. I have been using this calm before the storm to inventory our book library and make sure we have a plethora of titles to offer kids this summer.

I decided we needed some extra help to process all of our new books and get them ready to be given away. We are lucky that Waterbury is home to several socially responsible businesses. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters quickly heeded our call for volunteers, and five employees came over this week to help our regular volunteer force with stickering, bundling and shelving our new books. GMCR encourages volunteerism through its CAFE program, which allows employees to volunteer during office hours.

It’s amazing what a few extra hands can accomplish! Together the volunteers helped prepare 1,800 books to be distributed! Thank you to our regular volunteers, Jim Comley and Margaret Luce, as well as our new friends from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters! Now our shelves are stocked and our books are stickered. Bring on Summer Readers!

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