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Summer Readers SOAR in Burlington, VT

July 31, 2012

By Matt Bushlow

On July 23, CLiF’s Duncan McDougall talked about books and reading and told stories to nearly 270 children as part of the SOAR program at the Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington, VT. SOAR stands for Summer Opportunities Academics and enRichment. The program helps children who perform below grade level and aims to “keep children active, focusing on building mathematics and reading skills for children from kindergarten through the fifth grade.”

Duncan’s presentations were as animated and interactive as ever, as he asked the children about their favorite reading spots, their favorite books, and what inspires them to read. Then he read from a children’s book called Tale of a Tail, accompanied by a charming and hilarious physical performance of the parts of a fox and a bear who compete for fishing territory on a lake.

Children hung on his every word, often answering questions, laughing, and gasping along with the twists and turns in the story.

After each of Duncan’s three presentations, each child in attendance was able to choose two brand-new book to take home from a selection of hundreds of titles across a wide variety of categories. As often happens, many children sat down immediately after choosing their books and began to read – and share the books with their friends.

Here are some sweet and uplifting photos from the event.

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